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Host a Private Art Party

Thank you for hosting an art party! I am really looking forward to teaching at your event. To help plan your Art Party, please take a minute to fill out the questions below.

To reserve a date, please pay your deposit of 1 ticket (Nov 10-Dec 31 deposit is 6 tickets) within 24 hours of booking.  An invoice will be sent to you.  After you have booked the party, I will send an email invitation to you with a photo of the artwork you have chosen. You can email out the invitations to your friends. All money is due 5 days before the event. For private parties I ask guests to pay me on-line or send a check, but to RSVP to the host. I will keep you posted on who has paid so if you would like to send out a reminder email you can.  For fundraisers the host collects the money and makes one payment to me 5 days before the event.


 Adult parties:  6 minimum/20 maximum

Fundraisers:  12 minimum/24 maximum for 8 x10 Canvas

                       10 minimum//18 maximum for 11 x 14 Canvas