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$33 per painter for an 11 x 14 or 12 x 12 canvas for 2 hour event with a minimum of 6 painters.

$37 and up for Wood Signs for 2-2 1/2 hour event

Children’s Birthday Parties-see below for info.


All parties are held at Maureen Marks Art, 103 Sunset Ave, Harrisburg, PA 17112. I do not travel for parties.

Cancellation Policy

*An individual refund for a class will be issued if a cancellation is requested 1 week before the event. As fees are incurred as soon as payments go through, a fee of $5 for each event ticket will be deducted from refund.
*Summer Camps are a $35 cancellation fee with a minimum of 20 days notice.  If the request is made late I do not offer refunds or transfers, but you are welcome to find a friend to take your place.  
*Any event that is cancelled by me will have a full refund.  

Public Parties

These are scheduled by me and held at Maureen Marks Art Studio, 103 Sunset Ave, Harrisburg, PA 17112.  Please email me at if you have questions about age appropriateness for the art. Click the Public Party tab for lots more information.

Birthday Parties for Children

$50 non-refundable deposit to hold date. Date will be held 24 hours from request until deposit is secured. After 24 hours your date may be given to someone else.

Children’s Birthday Parties for ages 5-12 are created on a 12 inch wood Door hanger. Cost is $22 per painter with a minimum of 8 painters and max of 16. Party lasts 1 1/2 hours. You bring in cake/cupcakes to have at the end of party. There won’t be time to open gifts. Art options on gallery listed as “Ages 5-12 Birthday Party”. A complicated design may need to be simplified or modified for younger children. $50 deposit to hold the date, balance due 5 days before event.

Teen parties for ages 12 and up are $33 per painter with a 6 person minimum and a 16 person max. Art will be created on an 11 x 14 canvas and will last 2 hours. You may bring in cake/cupcakes to have at the end of the party. There won’t be time to open gifts. This option is also available for kids ages 10 and up (as long as design is a good fit for age group). Art choices are almost any of the canvas designs on the gallery.$50 despots it to hold a date, balance due 5 days before the event.

Art options are on the website gallery. Everyone must create the same design. Custom designs are a flat nonrefundable fee of $35 paid with the deposit at time of booking.

Private Parties

If you want to host a group of your friends, co-workers, scout troop, church group, kids, etc. contact me for more information or to schedule your event. You need 5 friends plus yourself to schedule an event.  A six ticket deposit is required to hold a date.

Payments: Private adult parties require the minimum (6 tickets) paid upfront as one payment within 48 hours of setting date. If payment is not made the date cannot be held.  After the minimum is met the rest of the tickets can be set up to be paid for on line by individuals. Cancellations:  The 6 person tickets are not refundable.  A cancellation for a ticket will only be issued if there are more than 6 guests and there is a 1 week notice.  Cancellation fees apply as noted in the cancellation tab.   Guests are also welcome to have someone take their place in lieu of cancellation.

How to make a party reservation: Deposits to hold a date are NOT REFUNDABLE, but if you need to change the party date I can be flexible if at least 2 weeks notice is given. Click the red Private Parties tab above and fill out the form under Private Parties. Visit my Gallery page for art choice ideas.  For private adult paint parties, there is required deposit of 6 tickets (price varies by party depending on art choice) to hold a date and is not refundable if you cancel event. For children’s Birthdays a $50 nonrefundable deposit is required.

Custom art:  If time allows I can help create a custom art for your event for an additional $35.  You can factor the cost in to each guests cost or pay for it as the host.  Please keep in mind that I have my own style and way of creating art so if you find something on the internet it will not be an exact copy of what you see. 

Multiple art at one party:  Often private parties want a choice at their parties.  Some art is easy to set up this way so please contact the studio at to discuss it.  There is an additional charge of $5 per guest to do 2 different artworks as it involves extra prep and set up.