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$31 per painter for an 11 x 14 or 12 x 12 canvas (2 to 2 1/2 hours)

$45 Wood Signs with 3-D letters (5 letters included-3 store bought, 2 handmade with option to purchase up to 4 more letters).

$35 Wood Signs (approx. 11 x 14) with stencils and paint

For Birthday parties, please scroll down to “Birthday Parties for Children”. 

For Fundraisers please scroll down to “Fundraisers” for more information. 

What makes my Art Parties different from others?

  • The artwork we make is always successful because I don’t use just paint. Along with painting, we collage papers on which not only adds interest, but makes it almost fool proof.  Some art also incorporates stencils, gelatos, stamps and more for a more “mixed media” approach.
  • The artwork that we make is the hostess’ choice
  • The artwork doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter copy of my sample. You are free to change and add to your heart’s desire! People often comment on how different and unique everyone’s art is.
  •  I can teach children’s, teen or adult art parties.
  • I am a certified art teacher with over 20 years of experience and will give lots of individual help when needed!


All parties are held at Maureen Marks Art, 6740 Allentown Blvd, Harrisburg, PA 17112.  If you have a party of 25 or more guests and have a venue to use I will travel for the event.  If the event is more than 35 minutes from the studio in Harrisburg there is an additional cost of $35 to cover travel.

Cancellation Policy

An individual refund will be issued if a cancellation is requested 5 days before the party. As fees are incurred as soon as payments go through, the following fees will be deducted from your refund:  $1 for events costing $5-$10, $3 for events $11 to $25, $4 for events $26 to $99, and $5 for events over $100.  If the request is made after the 5 days ahead of class I do not offer refunds or transfers, but you are welcome to find a friend to take your place.  The $15 Host reservation fee is not refundable, but can be applied to a future party if you need to cancel your event.  If the event is cancelled by me a full refund will be given.

Canvas Size

Paint Night art is created on a ready to hang 11 x 14 inch canvas or a 12 x 12 canvas depending on the art choice. Children’s Art Parties are created on an 8 x 10 inch canvas (smaller parties of 6 or less can do an 11 x 14). Fundraisers are either 8 x 10 or 11 x 14.

What you need

Wear old clothes (acrylic paints DON’T WASH OUT!) ,an open mind, and a smile! I provide all the art materials, an art smock, lots of individual help and a sample to follow.  

Public Parties

These are scheduled by me and held at Maureen Marks Art Studio (6740 Allentown Blvd, Harrisburg, PA). All ages are welcome.  Please email me at if you have questions about age appropriateness for the art. Click the Public Party tab for lots more information.

Private Parties

If you want to host a group of your friends, co-workers, scout troop, church group, etc. contact me for more information or to schedule your event. You need 5 friends plus yourself to schedule an event. 

Hostess benefits:  For Canvas Art, after the first 8 guests pay and register, your paint night is 1/2 price and after 11 or more guests your paint night is free! There are no hostess discounts for the wood parties.

Payments: Private parties can be set up to be paid for by each individual or as one group payment.  All payments are due 5 days in advance.  No refunds or credits given after 5 days before the event.

How to make a party reservation: Go to the art party tab and fill out the form under Private Parties. Visit my Gallery page for art choice ideas.  The $15 reservation fee to hold a date is not refundable if you cancel event or do not have enough participants.  The $15 will be applied to the cost of the party.  6 person minimum, 24 max.

Custom art:  If time allows I can help create a custom art for your event for an additional $25.  You can factor the cost in to each guests cost or pay for it as the host.  Please keep in mind that I have my own style and way of creating art so if you find something on the internet it will not be an exact copy of what you see. 

Multiple art at one party:  Often private parties want a choice at their parties.  Some art is easy to set up this way so please contact the studio at to discuss it.  There is an additional charge of $5 per guest to do 2 different artworks as it involves extra prep and set up time.

Minimum # of Participants

For Private Parties: 6 minimum, 24 maximum

For Children’s Birthday Parties:  10 or $177, 20 maximum ($15 each additional painter above 10)

For Fundraisers:  12 minimum, 24 maximum (8 x10 Canvas)

                            10 minimum, 24 maximum (11 x 14 Canvas)

For Private Wood Signs:  6 minimum, 10 maximum


Birthday Parties for Children

Want a unique children’s birthday party?  Cost is $177 for up to ten painters at Maureen Marks Art Studio. This gives you a 2 hour party: about 1 1/2 hours to paint, and then time to eat cake, open presents, etc.  Additional guests are $15 each.  Parties with less than 10 children still cost the minimum of $177. However, if you have 6 painters or less your canvas size will be upgraded to an 11 x 14. All money is due 5 days in advance. Additional painters can be added up to 1 day before the event and paid in cash the day of the event. I can hold 24 students in the studio.  Art for Birthday Parties is on an 8 x 10 canvas and can be selected from the “Birthday Party” gallery on my website or contact Maureen for other options. All parties are drop off parties with room for just the Birthday child’s parents to stay.


I offer fundraisers for churches, sports teams, charities and other non-profit organizations. 

FAQ for Fundraisers

1. How much money can I raise for my charity/team/etc?  I charge a base price and you up charge to set your profit margin.  My base prices are as follows:                           

8 x 10 canvas is $16 per person (most upcharge to $30)

11 x 14 is $26 per person (most upcharge to $40)

2.  Do you have minimums and maximums for fundraisers?  Yes.  Minimum number of painters for the 8 x 10 is 12 painters  and minimum for 11 x 14 is 10 painters.

3.  How is payment made? The organizer is responsible for sending invites, collecting registration information and payment BEFORE event. Fundraiser payments are check or cash only, no credit cards.  Payment is due 5 days before event.

4.  What is the refund policy for fundraisers?  Once the payment is made to me 5 days before the event the payment is non-refundable and non-transferable. The organizer is responsible for letting guests know this policy. 

5.  How long do parties last? Parties lasts about 2-3 hours depending on size of art and art choice. 

6.  How do I choose art for my fundraiser?  Please look in the gallery section of the website title “Fundraisers”.  Please note that if you see art in another gallery it may not be available for fundraisers.

7.  How do I reserve a date for a fundraiser?  Go to the Art Party tab and fill out a partyrequest.

8.  Can wood signs be made for fundraisers?  Not at this time.