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Vintage Heart

Vintage HeartI never used to decorate for Valentine’s Day.  When you have kids you quickly learn that they want to decorate for each and every holiday no matter how big or small it is!  About 12 years ago I began decorating for Valentine’s Day when my youngest daughter was old enough to speak her mind and express her opinion.  My love affair with decorating for ALL the holidays was born.

This tutorial shows step by step how I make one of my mixed media pieces.  This one in particular is also offered as an Art Party.  I provide all the materials and instructions.  See my Art Party page for more information.

Step 1.  Cut and paint a heart.  I like to use several shades of pink and blend them together for this step.  Note that the bottom part is not painted because it will be covered in green later.

vintage-heart-step-01Step 2:  Let the heart dry and then paint stems.  Add any kind of flowers and leaves onto the stems that you like.


Step 3:  Add strips of cut or torn green paper to the bottom.  Overlap the pieces.  Let them hang off the edge until dry, then trim off the excess from the back.


Step 4:  Make the background.  Tear up old clothing patterns, music paper, scrapbook paper, book paper, etc.  Use Mod Podge to glue them down.  Make sure to use Mod Podge over the paper as well to seal it.  After the Mod Podge has dried, paint over it with watered down acrylic.  I used a mixture of white and ivory.


Step 5:  Use a stamp with small flowers and stems and stamp along a line you draw about 2 inches up from the bottom.  Use a permanent ink such as Staz On.  I used brown to carry out the vintage feel.  Use a variety of heart, flower, text, and texture stamps to add interest to the back ground.  Use a sponge dipped in the ink to smear extra color into the background.


Step 6:  Tear some music paper for the top and bottom pieces.  Use the sponge dipped in ink to antique the edges of the music paper and the heart.  Cut 2 thin strips of a black and white polka dot paper and a pink ribbon to lay over the music paper.


Step 7:  Use Mod Podge to glue everything down.  Tear or cut a small pink circle for the top detail.  Add a bow from twine over circle.  Use a heavy white glue such as Tacky glue for the twine.  Use white or ivory to paint details on the flower.

vintage-heart-step-07Step 8:  Let everything dry completely and use a fine tip marker to add any outlining and details that you like.  Don’t for get to sign your name!